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Self-Love Mastery

            Transformative Relationship Coaching 

"Relationships just don't work when you abandon your Inner Child. 

They just don't work." 

~Dr. Margaret Paul


 Session One:

~Setting the intention with Self-Love Mastery as the foundation. 

~Transforming aloneness: An introduction to the Self-Love Power Practice. 

~Exploring the painful patterns and corresponding false beliefs. 

 Session Two:

 ~Identifying the false beliefs and false identity at the root of the painful patterns. 

~Understanding the different parts of us (Wounded Self, Inner Child, Spiritually-Connected Loving Adult and Higher Guidance.)

~Cultivating compassion for the Wounded Self. 

 Session Three:

~Exploring and understanding the core painful feelings.

~Connecting with your personal Spiritual Guidance.

~The difference between aloneness and loneliness. 

~Self-healing core pain. 

 Session Four: 

~Self-abandonment---what exactly does that mean? 

~The four major ways we self-abandon and how we heal it. 

~Relationships from our Wounded Self versus our Spiritually-Connected Loving Adult. 

Session Five: 

~Responsibility for our feelings---why are we so resistant? 

~Who is the Inner Child or the Soul within? 

~The key to feeling worthy (no matter what.)

 Session Six: 

~Exploring the intention to control and the intention to learn about love. 

~Deepening the connection with your Spiritual Guidance. 

~How we raise our frequency to attract and manifest our desires. 

Session Seven:

 ~What makes your Inner Child (the Soul within) feel loved? 

~Transforming the Source Fracture wound. 

~Becoming "The One" from the inside-out. 

Session Eight:

~Self-sourcing and the key to being magnetic.   

~Relational magic: The transformation of identity. 

~Mastering the joyful art of co-creativity. 

   The Inner Bonding Workbook: Six Steps to Healing Yourseland Connecting

  with Your Divine Guidance by Dr. Margaret Paul, PhD is highly recommended.