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"In the silence between the notes, 

we find our own stories waiting

to be told." 

~Rosemary Clooney 

"Melissa is a master who has a gift for healing, helping and transcending. I have been a consumer of all things therapy, self-help and 12-steps for 20 years. I can honestly say this was the most successful experience.”

Lee ~ New York City

"Melissa has an amazingly lovely and exuberantly warm manner. She immediately established trust and intimacy because of her person. You can’t fake this stuff even over the telephone. Her authenticity and depth transmitted instantly. I immediately knew Melissa was the real deal.

When I started working with Melissa, my divorce and my husband were a huge, sprawling, mass at the center of my life consuming all of my energy, thought and attention. When I completed the Conscious Uncoupling process, my soon-to-be ex-husband was a tiny little ball at the perimeter of my life. I don’t want him vanished away because I love him and he is my daughter’s father. But he is way, way over there on a border.

It is actually kind of a miracle. It is amazing. I got my life back. The Conscious Uncoupling process worked for me in a quantum, life-altering way.”

Michelle Conlin ~ New York City

"The Universe truly conspired to bring me together with Melissa as my Calling in "The One" coach. I have done therapy for years but Calling in "The One" has been monumental for me in learning how to love myself. I did not even know this piece was missing. I've had two friends---in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic--- say to me, 'You are glowing!'"

Shelby Pudwell ~ Santa Barbara, California

"My experience with Melissa has been healing, nourishing, and transformative. 

She’s a highly attuned, highly intelligent, and compassionate human being with a huge capacity to hold safe and restorative space. 

She’s guided me through some of the most painful and challenging inner spaces with a gentle, consistent, and firmly loving hand along the way. Each time I've come out to the other side with more clarity, trust, a deeper connection to and love for who I am, and access to living from my power and soul’s purpose. 

As a result, the quality of my life and relationships has profoundly shifted; most importantly, my relationship with myself. For me, that is the biggest gift."

Thank you, Melissa!"

Nicolle ~ New York City

"Melissa is a superb guide through Calling in ‘The One.’ 

She is a calming and non-judgmental leader who possesses wisdom beyond her years. Her melodic voice lulls participants into a deep reflective state helping us to be receptive to the very critical work at hand: Becoming authentic and open to the full potential of ourselves and tapping into what the Universe is ready to offer us.

Brava, Melissa!”

Antoinette ~ New York City

"Thank you Melissa, you are the BEST!!! 

Melissa has a way of reaching into your heart and soul to bring out the very best in others. Walking through this transformative journey with her by my side has been truly life changing. I can never repay her enough for offering a safe, loving environment to facilitate the blossoming of my inner self. 

Her compassion allowed me to feel secure enough to open up and fully heal from my past wounds.

I will always be grateful for this amazing experience."

Cindy ~ Westchester, New York

 "How is it that I feel so amazing after having gone through something that I thought would have totally broken me?

I now find myself truly grateful that this all happened as I feel so positive knowing there is so much more to me now and I'm on a road to a much more fulfilling and happy life, taking with me what I have learnt so far and will continue learning. I truly feel that I have been let into a secret to happiness.

Infinite thanks to Melissa and the Conscious Uncoupling process for helping me find myself and turn my life around in just a mere 5 weeks - couldn't see how it was at all possible but trusted the journey and am proof that miracles happen when you're ready for them to.

Thank you so much."

Tania Costa ~ London, England

"Words cannot express what a gift Melissa has been on my journey to call in the very highest caliber of love possible in all areas of my life.

Through her caring and deeply intelligent guidance, I have come to learn more about what it means to love myself in a committed way than I ever thought possible. I have also learned and experienced how making this relationship radiant allows the quality of all other relationships in my life to rise up and mirror back that relationship with love.

 Magic and miracles in my love life have been born under her guidance.

Never have I felt so secure in knowing that my deepest vision for manifesting the committed love of my life was being lovingly held, fed, and magnetized by the co-creative power of a coach.

Her sense of deep presence and skillful ability to guide the constructive transformation of identity is the best I can imagine there being."

Anastasia Frank ~ New York City

"Melissa is such an exquisite soul---beautifully realized, developed and expressed. She is fulfilling the finest purpose in helping people and raising the consciousness of us all, one heart at a time. I am so overjoyed to be working with her."

Lauren George ~ New York City

"Working with Melissa has been miraculous and magical, actually.

Going from the Conscious Uncoupling process to the Calling in "The One" process has been the most logical step. One builds on the other. Melissa said the break-up of my marriage would be the catalyst for huge growth in my life and it's true. What I thought was the worst and most shocking thing in my adult life turned out to be the best thing.

Just before week seven of the Calling in "The One" process, I met someone and meeting this wonderful, amazing, man and the connection that feels so right would not have been possible without going through both the Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in "The One" work.

I feel so lucky and my world is limitless."

Courtney ~ New York City

"I will forever be grateful for the Calling in "The One" work we did together. I am married and very happily so. I really never expected that a relationship could be this wonderful."

Kathleen ~ New York City 

"We have been trained to wait for the prince to come to feel the joy and love and wanting to dance. Through Calling in "The One" with Melissa we are rewriting Cinderella and learning to connect with the joy and love and willingness to dance with ourselves. I don't have to wait for him to be that love and joy because the relationship is with me first and foremost---and I am only on step four of the process! 

I am 'The One' I am calling in and Melissa is the vessel that brought the gift to know this now."

Andrea C. ~ Charlottesville, Virginia 

"The greatest gift of working with Melissa has been awakening my capacity to create this loving, nurturing, deep connection with all the parts of me, and to connect with the deeper truth of who I am.

It’s been profound for me to know that Calling in ‘The One' is more than calling in my beloved.

It’s about calling in my true self.”

Barbara Witney ~ Santa Cruz, California 

“Through her Calling in ‘The One’ workshop, Melissa has truly shown me the way to The Emerald City of love. I leave here confident in who I am and all that is coming to me. Working hand-in-hand with her has been nothing short of life-changing.

As a transformative coach she is both patient and kind throughout the entire process. She wants the best for you and she makes it her job to reveal the very best you to yourself and the world. Thank you, Melissa, for opening the door and introducing me to my best possible self - I couldn't be happier!”

Adriane Hamilton ~ Queens, New York

“Melissa is gifted in her capacity to guide you to the heart of the matter and pave the way for you to discover what is truly holding you inside of an old love relationship, even one that ended years ago.

Through the Conscious Uncoupling process she walks with you, offers powerful tools, and supports the transformation that finally sets you free to embrace all the love that awaits you.”

Kate ~ Maryland

“I am grateful that Melissa came into my life. I had no expectation of what would happen but soon it was clear that this was an exciting adventure---and the adventure is my life. Through Melissa I was able to shed spotlight on one of my deepest soul dreams where, now visible, receives the attention, support and acknowledgment to blossom. It has its rightful place in the light of day. Because Melissa listened with spiritual ears that were embracing and encouraging my project has wings to fly.

Caroline ~ New York City

"There is no way I could have done this alone, and definitely not without Calling in "The One." Having Melissa as my coach to personally walk me through it has truly made all the difference. I believe in Calling in "The One" more than anything! I feel like I was a hopeless cause who changed my path. It was not luck. It was our work together.

Melissa, I appreciate the times when you supported me when I felt like I could not go on. 

Josh and I met a few months before my 40th birthday and I'm in awe that we will celebrate our first anniversary (the first time I've done that with anyone!) in May. Thank you for being there with your insight and patience. This work is the BEST investment I have ever made in reaching my relationship goals."

Lindsay ~ Ogden, Utah

"The Conscious Uncoupling Coaching with Melissa has been an invaluable gift of deep stirrings in my heart and consciousness. I deeply appreciate Melissa’s wisdom, clarity and gift of empirical knowledge.

She helped me delve into my past and free me from old contracts and agreements that were keeping me stuck in pain and false beliefs about myself and most important relationships.

Melissa has guided me to transform from my old identity and behaviors in relationship to a new empowerment that will help me co-create beauty and powerful mutuality in my future relationships.

I feel free from old toxic ties from the past. I have a renewed spirit thanks to our work together that include new insights about myself and patterns in partnership that will help me be more aware in choosing a new partnership where I can truly flourish.”

Deborah Ramsden ~ New York City

"Melissa was a guiding light in the discovery and emergence of my most true heart and soul.

She offered a warm and safe presence, an intelligent path, good humor, and absolute commitment to my finding and deeply connecting to my best self and my best life.

Her work is transformational and should not be missed.”

Katherine Smith ~ Washington, DC

"Through the Conscious Uncoupling Transformative Coaching process, I held the hand of my younger self in the body, embracing her and therefore giving myself what I’ve never been given before.

I am now creating a new life and relationship that is not based on the old story of being saved. By stepping into the new story the possibilities are unlimited. By calling back my soul and heart and body and all the pieces that I have thrown away over the years---by calling it all back home---I am now empowered to create this new story.”

Kelly ~ New York City

"I was hesitant taking the workshop but felt immediately at ease once I was in the room with Melissa. She is sincere, supportive and patient. A modern-day 'Sex and the City' with the idea to achieve and find the love of your life but find and love yourself first, I suggest this course to anyone young and old.

I am blessed to have been involved.

I am blessed to have Melissa be in my life.

I am inspired.

Jocelyn ~ New York City

“The Callling in "The One"  workshop with Melissa was transformational for me. I felt as if it floated me forward in life in a way that nothing else has. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to build a deeper relationship with their self or anyone else in their life.”

Kristy ~ New York City

“The Calling in "The One" workshop given by Melissa has helped me to access transformation in my life. These classes are very powerful because of Melissa’s intuition toward each member of the class. The teachings of this course are life lessons and I am truly grateful and feel blessed for this experience.”

Eileen ~ New York City

“Melissa is a wonderful coach. She is warm, insightful and able to bring light to deep issues in the most supportive way possible. I thank her for her guidance and recommend her highly.”

Lori Singer ~ New York City

“A powerful series to look inside and ask myself: What am I doing to hold back love?

Melissa’s group leadership is equal parts theory and action, explanation and making us figure out the explanation for ourselves. Her feedback is always through the lens of helping us understand the concepts in the course but authentically down-to-Earth as well and not above acknowledging how hard it can be to do the work.

I highly recommend Melissa’s workshop if you’re serious about Calling in ‘The One.’”

Cheri Dannels ~ New York City

"I cannot speak more highly of my experience with Melissa. She is a professional practitioner in every sense of the word.

I started seeing Melissa around a life struggle that I had worked on for decades. The work I did with Melissa was a true breakthrough for me.

Melissa was not only an incredibly wise and spiritual transformative coach but felt like a genuine advocate.”

Denise Lambrecht ~ California

“Melissa is indeed a gift to work with. She has the amazing ability to always

bring you back to center and her clarity, knowledge and dedication to the work are so on-point.

Working with her has helped me tremendously on my journey, still deeper, into myself and my One." 

J.A.K ~ New York City

"Melissa helped me move from being burdened at the prospect of relationship to being thrilled with my love intention.

Melissa really gets me and has deep insights into the subtle ways false beliefs are showing up and sabotaging love in my life.

The book itself is excellent and doing the process with Melissa is way deeper, more profound and thus more effective.”

G.S. ~ Sacramento, California

"A better group coach than Melissa does not exist.

She has a gift for making every participant feel very much seen and heard, while always keeping the needs of the broader group in mind.

Participants who work with her in this way will find their individual concerns addressed while also benefiting greatly from the way in which Melissa encourages everyone to share their authentic breakthroughs or breakdowns in the most constructive and loving environment possible."

Anastasia Frank ~ New York City

"Thank you for your presence and warmth and holding and guidance."

Jenny ~ London, England